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Dealing With Science Homework: Suggestions For High School Students

Homework leaves a disparate ring to different students. For some, it is okay and is an integral part of their development. For others, it is a cumbersome activity best ignored. When it deals with, say, Math or Science; the dynamics begin to bother.

Warming up to the proposition

There should be a definitive way to tackle Science homework; especially if the child is not very warmed up to the proposition. Science actually bifurcates into analysis and description. While Physics and Chemistry (they are subsets of Science) meander towards description, life science is more about analysis.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do science homework –

  • Tackle the description first – The description should not only be written passionately, its concept should also be understood while you write them. Also, the sections which call for the comparison or difference between two entities (in life science) should be absorbed with vigor. You will feel that you have got an eminent grasp of the subject if you are conversant with descriptions and comparisons.
  • The problems – Make no mistake, science is not exactly Math but it does have its own sets of problems and sums. So, if you have a problem with number, the assignments may aggravate your nerves. You should keep the formulae alongside and assess which ones to use when. Also, you need to hone your instinct to carve up a natural talent for solving these problems.
  • The intuitive questions – There is a section which deals with the ‘Suppose if’ questions. They may or may not be part of syllabus and may have been created by the teacher to test his apprentices. You should open up your logics to find palpable answers to the supposition questions in order to coast through that segment of the homework.
  • The drawings – The graph papers; anatomy drawings, illustration of chemical reactions or the structure of a compound; they are also part of the homework. Here, you need to be organized and specific. You should know your x from your y. You should keep a sharp pencil and a sharper mind to handle them with some deference.
  • Overall assessment – Science is exact by nature and if you get hold of its premises, it doesn’t take as long a time as say, Literature. You should thus invest your time into the subject and endeavor to be more clinical with the subject. The homework will cease to be a problem; as it is only a part of the whole patterns prepared to develop you.

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