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Homework Is Not Necessary: Weighing All Pros And Cons

Homework is the least interesting task for students across the world. They tend to avoid writing assignments that are lengthy and complicated. The reason is that these assignments are monotonous and repetitive. They hate to write about the similar things repeatedly and start searching for a place where to pay someone to do my homework. Even the assignments are same in nature and can be quite boring. If a student has to write about something or carry out DIY experiments then they will have fun doing home tasks. They like to study something that is interesting or at least new for them. Teachers who assign same tasks for home assignments have the least response from students.

The problem for students is that their grades depend upon home tasks and if they do not submit theses assignments, it will have an impact on their overall class performance. Whether they like or not, they need to write assignments that the teacher assigns them. According to latest studies homework burden is increasing by a large number on students. Educational institutes need to revise their structure and syllabus in order to design home assignments keeping the students in mind. Parents complain that their kid does not find time for himself or other activities and this is getting hard for them as well. Teachers on the other hand insist that students need to attempt these papers if they want to keep up with the rest of the competition.

Different experts have different opinions on this topic. Some professionals say that students should not receive complex tasks while others argue that they should have tasks for home. Let us see at the pros and cons of having homework assignments to help you evaluate whether or not to have home tasks.

Benefits of homework

  • It helps students revise what they read in school
  • It helps them develop and understanding of the subject and core concepts
  • The more they practice the better they are prepared for exams
  • It helps them have a good impression on their teachers and professors because they attempt their tasks on time

Cons of home tasks

  • It does not allow space for free time, which is necessary for development and learning
  • It does not let students stay creative and forces them to follow a set pattern
  • It makes them occupied and does not allow time for other activities like sports etc.
  • They might start hating the subject because of the non-ending assignments

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